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61 finalists announced for the IMC European Awards 2015

Brussels, 21 September 2015: 61 finalists have been selected in this year’s IMC European Awards for Integrated Marketing Communications, representing 27 agencies from 8 countries. All finalists are winners of national integrated marketing competitions. The United Kingdom is leading with 16 finalists, followed by Ireland (15), Belgium (12), Italy (10), Spain (3), Czech Republic (3), Germany (1) and the Netherlands (1). All entries and the first round judging were managed via the official website at www.imcceurope.com.

Outstanding finalists are BBDO (Belgium) with 9 nominations - 3 for “Unpaid Bills”, 3 for “Stalker” and 3 for “5 Euro”; Guns and Knives (Ireland) with 4 nominations – 3 for “Heineken DAMOC Coolers” and 1 for “'We're So Local' Regional Campaign”; TRO with 4 nominations – 2 for “Nissan Innovation Station” and 2 for “Lucozade Sport – Bringing the World Cup Home”.

Click here to view the full list of finalists.

The first round selection was made by a jury panel made up of 60 leading industry professionals across Europe. The second round jury, comprised of IMCC Council member representatives, took place in Prague on 11 September. This year’s winners will be announced in December.

IMCC Chairman, Ondrej Gottwald, said: “I am glad to say that this year’s campaigns in the IMC European Awards were the most interesting I have seen during my chairmanship and presence in the jury. I am delighted that our industry is doing well and the work across Europe is of such high quality. Aside from the commercial campaigns, I always appreciate the increasing amount of very successful social and corporate responsibility campaigns and commercial campaigns with a positive social impact. To see these campaigns being recognised and rewarded by industry professionals is very satisfying.”

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About IMCC 

The IMCC is one of the 5 councils of EACA and focuses on integrated marketing communications. Its mission is to represent the integrated marketing communications agencies and agency associations in Europe. It acts as a central source of information for the industry and assists in the development of the reputation and professionalism of the industry across Europe by focusing on three key areas:  best practice, lobbying and recognition by way of an international Awards competition, ‘The IMC European Awards’. For more information, click here.

About EACA

European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) is a Brussels-based organisation which represents full-service advertising and media agencies and agency associations in Europe. EACA promotes honest, effective advertising, high professional standards, and awareness of the contribution of advertising in a free market economy and encourages close co-operation between agencies, advertisers and media in European advertising bodies. For more information, click here. Find us on FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn.